General Demo Reel

My main demo reel, showcasing my work that includes visual effects, animation, and motion graphics.

Stereoscopic Compositing Reel

A compilation of my feature film stereoscopic compositing work over the past few years. Red/Blue 3D glasses required to view properly.

Buford the Lunchman

An animated short trailer illustrated and animated entirely by me, written and directed by Alex Perry.

Motion Graphics Reel

Coming soon.


Boobathon starring Sean Astin

A motion picture event exploring advanced cosmetic surgery. Written and Directed by Alex Perry, starring Sean Astin, and featured on the front page of FunnyorDie.com, this parody trailer included many visual effects which required me to employ many different techniques to achieve the most effective and cinematic result possible.

This short was shot on the Red Epic-M over the course of several months. I acted as the on-set visual effects supervisor, visual effects compositor, 3D artist, and animation supervisor. I also acted in several scenes of the movie, see if you can find me!